Stories and fiction are part of human civilization. From history, we learn that our ancestors have been into storytelling. No matter if it was the real-time stories, historical incidents, or the fictions, these have been a great deal to human life. People use to deliver messages, ideals, feelings, thoughts, and messages using these stories. Even at present, Speculative fiction and many other kinds of stories have the same purpose. These are an ever-growing trend coming up with a motive to entertain, inform and educate people.

People generally do not take fiction as seriously as they consider real-time stories. It is a myth or believes that fictions have no message, reality, or solid ground. It is necessary to understand the definition of fiction and Speculative fiction definition as well to learn the concept. When it comes to fictitious stories, the writers always have an inspiration, idea, and incident or life experience behind it. There are certain incidents or happenings in the life o a writer that triggers him or her to write a specific piece of writing. Moving forward, we have to explore more kinds of fiction coming forward for us to enjoy more.

What is speculative fiction?

The word driving from speculation that refers to theory or guesswork. It is not factual or has solid grounds but a fusion of ideas and imagination. Coming together with a speculative fiction definition explains such fictions as a total work of imagination and non-realism. It includes the sub-genre of fantasy and science fiction. Commonly the writers do not take the subjects that are workable in reality but fiction.

Experiencing a person with the power to run faster than light, but in fiction stories or series, it is possible. Due to Speculative fiction, we can observe and think about such characters that are coming up with their exceptions. Although these are far from reality, people like to hear, read or see them. It is all about a human’s curiosity to expect or imagine the impossible or unreal. There are no boundaries for our brain to think or process information. We can imagine things that are boundless and go beyond limits. However, these are not practical, so we consider them as fictions. When the fiction is at its best and going beyond then we term it as Speculative fiction.

Black speculative fiction

When observing Speculative fiction in translation and knowing more of its types we can have a better idea about black speculative fiction. A vast category of speculative fiction books covers the dimensions of science fiction, horror fiction, Politics, history, and much more. Sometimes it may not cover all the sub-genre of fiction, but most of the time it has a huge umbrella and makes everything fall in it. You can find out the best speculative fiction collection if you like black speculative fiction. There are numerous books, movies, stories, short stories, novels, and platforms that are tagged under this genre. It is not different from speculative fiction but has a simplification or emphasis. By adding world black to it, the literature makes it a bit more dark, shady, different, and interesting for the readers. It shows that fiction is giving a little more subtle presentation of ideas and creativity.

How to read free speculative fiction online

To read speculative fiction it is not necessary to spend some bucks. There is free speculative fiction available online that you can access and read easily. The Internet has made things easier for us. Whatever we like to read is available with a few clicks. All you need is to find out the best platform for reading the fiction.

  • Out of numerous platforms online, there are a few of them that offer you the real material. To read free speculative fiction online you need to follow some guidelines:
  • Identify the platform – the very first thing you need to do is to identify a reliable reading platform. There you will be able to access multiple fictions of a defined genre. It will help you to enjoy the maximum stories and readings according to your preference.
  • Select the genre – the second step is selecting the genre. The platform should provide you with multiple options so you will be able to pick up a genre of your choice. It should be according to your desire or requirements for sure.
  • Subscribe free mostly – if you are interested in reading more of the fiction by speculative fiction authors then you should subscribe to the platform. The free platforms offer you free subscriptions and newsletters. With the help of these newsletters, you will be able to get frequent content updates in your email or notification bar.
  • Bookmark your reading – it is not possible to complete one fiction at a time until these are short stories. Even if you have completed it and want to read it again, then bookmark your reading. It will save your time for the future, and you can access the reading from the bookmark section.
  • Leave a review – after reading the fiction, it is generous to leave a review for the speculative fiction authors or publishers. Your review appreciates the writers and platform at the same time it lets other readers take help. By reading your review or comment, another person will either read the fiction or leave it. So, choose your word wisely for a good reason.

Learn to write speculative fiction short stories

Writing the Speculative fiction tropes is not a difficult task at all. You just need to get a little sense of speculative fiction authors. Creating fiction is a tricky job; it is not something that comes naturally to you. For a writer, it is easier to explain or narrate the incidents from history or recent events. However, creating something fictitious and making it believable is a faculty job. A writer needs to understand and develop several things from the scratch and then move towards perfection.

Start with short stories

If you are willing to be one of the best speculative fiction authors, then you need to start writing speculative fiction short stories at first. With the help of these short stories, you will be able to get the grip on your writing skills. By satisfying the audience with small plots, you will be able to reach out the ultimate accomplishment of the novels and stories as well.

Take help from reality

Reality is a clue to fiction and helps speculative fiction authors to create something exceptional. You need to know that every incident, in reality, can lead your imagination to another level. By taking one plot from a real incident, you can modify it and then add new things to it that are not commonly known.

Read more about it

Before you start writing about something, it is better to read about it. In your fiction, if you are going to work on scientific rules, horror, animals, human behavior, relationship, or others, you need to learn about them. A good writer is a good reader as well. The more you will be able to absorb knowledge, the better you will write it on paper. With a lesser knowledge or information about things, you will only create some illogical pieces of writing.

Keep things relevant

Although you are working on fiction, you need to make it logical at the same time. The reader or viewers needs to believe what you are telling them. It can be difficult, but not impossible at all. You have to keep things relevant. Make sure these are reliable, and the reader will understand there is a truth behind everything. It will help you to make the reader fall for your creation in the first place for sure.

Do not lose the string

Every story no matter fiction or reality revolves around a string. A string can be a character, purpose, cause, thing, emotion or location. Even in speculative fiction writing, you need to remain focused on the string. Never lose your string or shift the focus to multiple subjects in the story after an interval. It will confuse the reader and make your fiction look more fiction and a work of immature. You should stick with the strong and central character of the story to make it impressive and successful.

Bottom line

There is no doubt that man loves to read about ideas and fiction. Speculative fiction is helping us to improve our imagination and have a different kind of entertainment. From science fiction to horror and romanticism, there are always new dimensions of everything. Claiming, speculative fiction tropes as original fiction are not fair. There is a little touch of reality or realism behind the best speculative fiction novel, book, film, or story. It is all about chasing something new and getting better with the horizons of entertainment. The speculative fiction authors believe in creating a difference with their stories and bringing change in people’s lives. Sometimes, reality takes a cover in fiction to be acceptable.

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