English is not just a language but also a science that you need to understand for a reason and look into its basics. For the ultimate command over the language, you need to understand the common formations. Conventionally, we know English writing as a combination of words and sentences. It is rare to understand the complex and technical aspects of English writing that includes the loose sentence, complete sentence, and much more.  

Loose sentence is one of the integral components of English writing that helps you to explain a complicated situation with an easy expression. When you want to avoid complex sentences to explain tricky situations, loose sentences help you a lot. It is about giving an expression in the beginning and explaining it further.

Loose sentence definition

To understand what a loose sentence is you need to understand its basic definition in the first place. “The sentence contains a main clause at the beginning that is not giving you a complete meaning. It is followed by the other coordinated phrase that completes the meaning and supports the previous part of the sentence.”

The purpose of using the loose sentence in a piece of writing is to demonstrate alertness and spontaneity in it. The composition helps the reader to understand the expression coming from the sentence and grab the meaning out of it. Moreover, it can simplify the speech and let the reader have a better idea about the situation, incidents, and occurrences at the same time.

The use of loose sentences

It is not rare to find loose sentence examples in famous English writings. Even in common writing practice, many writers use these sentences to make their writings attractive, alert and different. It simply adds excitement to writing and grabs more attention from the readers.

Many writers appreciate the loose sentence literary definition but at the same time, they do not support the idea of using such sentences frequently. They believe it can make writing a little complicated and difficult for the reader to understand.

In fact, not every individual is able to understand broken information. If you give a piece of information at first and then it is linking, later on, the reader may get confused. In the modern writing pattern, unconventional writers prefer not to use loose sentences in their writings. It helps them to keep things clear, understandable, and easy for the reader and massive audience.

Periodic sentence vs loose sentence

In English writing when we talk about what is a loose sentence, then parallel we have to consider the opposites. There are always some opposites of the stuff we have been using. A periodic sentence is an opposite of to loose sentence that comes with the main clause that have reasoning in the beginning and action at the end. While writing the periodic sentence, the writer has to provide the reasons behind an action so the reader will have an introduction or idea about what is happening. Later, it ends the sentence with the final possible action that happened in the situation.

When it comes to having a review of periodic vs. loose sentences then we can have some of the obvious points in consideration.

Clarity of action

In English writing, it is important to give clarity to every sentence. If the writer is unable to provide clarity of ideas and events, it seems impossible to get the best out of overall writing. The loose sentences come with a difficulty in clarity of action. The broken sentences reveal the real action in a passive manner. The reader finds it hard sometimes to get the meaning of what is happening in the first place. Loose sentence structure is kind of difficult, unique, and different at the same time. Using multiple phrases explains a specific action or situation.

Moving towards the periodic sentence, the action is quite clear and supported by other phrases. Although the sentence is not complete in one part the other parts are there to support the evidence. It gives clarity of what is happening, the other parts of the sentence simplify the situation. It is more like an active voice that explains what is happening and gives supportive arguments with it. The reader finds these sentences quite easier to understand and clear to have the meaning about actions.

Use of ease

For English writers, they have so many options for writing about an event or incident. Explaining everything requires a specific mood and feel. It is not possible to place everything in the same pot and mix them together. Using the periodic sentences in writing is all based on the ease of use and the mood of writing. If the writer wants to keep the article simple and readable for everyone, the use of such sentences is helpful. It makes the complicated conditions quite fine and brings you the right results.

While the loose sentences have their own exception of usage. Most of the writers do not use this sentence because it is easy but they want to. It is all about their preference of giving an expression to a situation and making it a little twisted. Sometimes, to make a story or writing interesting, the writers have to put in some complicated and twisted sentences there. It normally helps the writers to stick to the readers and give them a notion of reading interesting and intellectual writing.

The book authors and novelists prefer to use loose sentences in their writings as it leads them to a better readership. They are able to impress the readers and give them a more relatable condition of understanding a situation. 

Impact on writing

Both kinds of sentences have their own impact on the overall writing. The writers have to understand the need for these sentences and then use them. Commonly, the periodic sentence has a soft impact on writing. On the scale of complexity, such sentences do not make the writing more complex.

Many of the writers use periodic sentences to make writing easy to read understandable at the same time. Lesser-complicated writings are more popular among people and help the readers to get the meaning out of it.

Comparatively, the loose sentence increases the complexity of a piece of writing. It requires a person to read the sentence multiple times to get the accurate meaning out of it.

Improving reading capability

It is easy to find loose sentence structure in most reading books. The readers used to have such books with loose sentences and complicated compositions. Sentences eventually help readers to understand and read the complicated scenarios. The kids who read complicated reading have more ability to understand language, twisted sentences, and connect the information in broken pieces. They are able to make things easier for their understanding.

Loose sentences and online content

We are moving forward towards a progressing world of the internet. Online it is important to provide reader-friendly content to users. Even the search engines do not support the complicated terms and content. Most online writers and readers prefer to composite simple sentences. They prefer to avoid the loose structure sentences that are complicated.

These sentences require more precision of understanding by the readers. Online, readers do not want to spend more time reading online but get quick information. So, the content creators online have to use simple and easy sentences. The reason has reduced the people’s interaction with loose sentences in general. They are unable to get clarity about these terms and deal with the information coming in such a structure as well.

Loose sentence example in literature

It is not impossible to find the loose sentence examples in literature. Back in time, the conventional writers used to have a loose sentence structure in their writing. The purpose of using such sentences is to make writing look impressive and intellectual. The structure has been part of conventional English writing by the native writers.

Gradually, we have moved towards advancements and right now the use of loose sentence structure is limited than ever. Commonly, the writers use such sentences to add variation to writings and make them a little more interesting. Moreover, it makes the writing exclusive for a specific audience so writers have to give a second thought using such structure.

As a loose sentence example, you can review a sentence, I ran a great mile, like a free man, running towards the light. The sentence mentions a person’s running toward the light as a free man but the broken pieces of the sentence make it a loose sentence. All the parts in combination give a clear meaning to the reader. You can find out a number of loose sentence examples in the literature and modern writings as well. It is all about using the sentences as per need.


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