English literature has so many variations in it that never lets readers or writers face disappointment. The writers who are unable to write long stories, novels or books have the liberty to work on short stories. The short stories let them get started with writing, polish their skills, and move forward with the progress at the same time. Similar is the case with readers. When they do not find it easy to read novels, they can access short stories with some quick stories and endings.

There are people in between who want to have a short story but with a little more detail or length. Here comes the Novella in the story. The piece of writing falls within a short story or novel. Combining two forms it is providing opportunities to explore something new for both readers and writers in the English literature.

What is a novella?

Have you ever wondered about something shorter than a novel but longer than a short story? Many of us think there is no such writing in the literature. However, it is interesting to know that such things exist. Some stories are not short enough to wrap soon nor long enough to cover a novel. Therefore, the writers put them in the novella. A combination of novel and short stories that keep readers engaged for quite a good time and covering the stories of interest.

The novella is an Italian word that means new. The Novella length is quite shorter than a complete novel, but it is a well-structured piece of writing with a realistic tone. Commonly the stories in Novella are based on one-time incidents, limited characters, and at once place. These are not with many of the characters, situations, conditions, incidents, and happenings. Usually, the writer has to cover one subject point in the writing that turns out effective and impressive at the same time.

Novel vs. novella

If you wonder what anovella vs. a novel is, then you need to review their basic definitions. According to the literature definition, the novel is a work of fiction that upholds longer stories, multiple characters, incidents, and situations. The major identification of a novel is its length. The word limit of a novel is always more than 40,000.

On the other hand, novella seems to be a smarter version of a novel. It is not as long as a novel but a little lengthy in comparison to a short story. Against novel, it does not have multiple characters but a limited number of components that combine and make one final piece of writing. Both of these are a piece of writing and have a history in literature. Their impact and target readership is quite different. People have options to choose between them. 

How to write a novella               

Writing a novella is a little bit tricky at times. It requires a writer to create a plot carefully considering the word limit and type of writing. Although the window of creativity is still open, the writer can choose any theme. However, mapping the characters and handling them requires a little effort and perfection. For a conventional or beginner writer, it can be difficult to write a novella with perfection.

By keeping the characters limited and situation controlled, it is possible to write an effective novella. It does not require a writer to use more words and put in the efforts beyond. The best way to manage the writing is to draft it earlier and then fill up the links. A quick draft helps to review everything nicely and avoid any loop in there.

Interesting questions about Novella 

Many people confuse Novella with the novel. Some people think of it as a modified version of a novel that is true as well. With a lesser word, limited characters, and some refined incidents novella is a smarter version of the novel. To clarify the myths and confusion, it is necessary to answer some of the common questions. A person exploring English literature will want to find out more about Novella. These questions are not strange but informative and help the readers and aspiring writers to understand the term efficiently and work on it accordingly.

How long is a novella in words?

The normal Novella word count is in between 17,000 to 40,000 words that construct a story and its links. For a writer, creating a beautiful story in this word frame is not a difficult task at all. It is just about managing the characters, situations, and other things in the right place. Sometimes the word limit can exceed from the maximum numbers but if it’s more than 5000 words then writing can turn into a novel instead of a novella.

What is a novella in literature?

In English literature, Novella has its history and recognition. The writing was first introduced in 13000 and firmly established in the late 18th and early 19th century. Sometimes it was termed as a short story or novelette but eventually recognized as Novella. The literary departments had discussions over the category of such writings that were not a complete novel nor a short story so they found an idle way for them.

In the literature, we can find several acclaimed writers with their novella collection. In the past, it was awkward to write such length stories and get them published. The acceptability was rare and the publishers were not very comfortable with the overall idea.  Gradually they understood the importance of such writings and made their way to publish such writings for the writers.

What is the future of novella books?

Thankfully, due to technology and several publishing opportunities, we have no restrictions when it comes to publishing novella books or novella in single. Previously the technology was limited and publishing cost too much. The publishers had to pick up the specific writings that should get them more profit and sales. Right now, things are more digital, and the readers are gone digital.

A writer can publish his or her novella writing easily online. It does not cost much but will get them, easy readers. Making a novella available free can benefit the writer to engage with the readers. It can be the beginning of a new career and starting up with potential readership online. Many of the publishers prefer to shift the online readership to their printed readership using such online bloggers and writers. For the potential writers, it can be a kick-start to make their writings available online and then grow as a conventional writer.

What is a novella book?

Many times the publishers do not want to publish a single novella but a novella book. It is a collection of different novella stories by same or different writers together. Books are a treat for readers who want to have a different kind of book with them. It let them finish multiple stories in the same book. Publishers have to take care of the genre of all stories. They cannot put the random stories in a novella book. The selection of all stories is critical and careful. After going through all stories publishers decide to pick some specific for one book. Most of the time, these books are quite successful and popular among readers.

Sometimes the writers themselves prefer to write the novella book. They combine all of their stories in one book to treat their readers. It is more or less like a collection of short stories together in one edition for the readers.

What is a novella series?

Novella series is a series of novella editions on a similar topic but different situations, characters, and settings. The writer prefers to keep the main theme of the series similar such as social issues, psychological, horror, fantasy, science fiction, comedy, or many others. All the parts of the series will fall in the same genre category but, in every single edition, there will be a different story, comprising different settings. It gives a writer to write on a similar theme with different perspectives. Moreover, the reader who loves one genre will have multiple readings of the same kind.

Bottom line

Writing Novella can be good for you at the beginning of your writer’s career. Right after getting comfortable with the short stories, you can shift to writing Novella instead of novels. It will give you a good margin to interact with the audience and have more followers. There is a possibility to create a series that contains a sequence of multiple related stories.

Many of the Novella writers have created their landmark series of multiple Novellas that describe their genre and speciality. People like to read the short and impressive plots about the situations, characters, and ideas. It is an important part of literature and helps a writer a lot to create his or her library. Even for the readers, it seems a nice opportunity to read a lot within a specific time limit and enhance their knowledge or literary collection.

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