Albert Einstein once said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about a solution.” Humankind has grown in the face of challenges from the earliest days of civilization to the modern days of success, and the trend will continue in the future as well. The magnitude of problems kept increasing, and so did the grit of those who were up to the challenge. When faced with the shortage of water, humanity created dams to light the darkness of night man invented electric bulbs. When troubled with the disease, humans invented remedies so and so forth. All these discoveries and inventions were possible due to the curious spark in the consciousness of homo sapiens. Humans created a statement of the problem then worked out its solution.

The statement of the problem is a succinct descript of the matter or subject that needs resolution. It can be a single sentence or two describe the nature of the problem. An approach of 5 W’s to describe the issue is an essential tool for effective results. That is Who, What, Where, When, and Why. These parameters can be exceedingly helpful in getting information related to the problem.


Understanding who is most affected is one key to unravel the mysteries of the problem. For Instance, several pertaining issues affect different parts of the ecology. One such example can be the issue of plastic waste being dumped into the ocean. This problem severely affects the marine ecosystem.


What are the causes, extent, and impacts of the problem? What will happen if the problem is ignored? What will be the result in case of delay or ignorance of the problem?

The nature of the problem needs a description. The question mentioned above needs answering, and the situation requires an in-depth analysis of what is happening and what can happen.


Time of when the problem happened and approximately when it needed to be fixed. The timeline of the issue holds vital importance. Some issues need resolution at once, and some problems can be delayed. For Instance, you cannot drive your car with a flat tire, it can seriously damage the other parts of your vehicle, and you will need to replace it at once. However, you can delay the periodic cleaning of your car.


Location of the occurrence. The area where the problem occurred and understanding the demographic should be included in the statement of the problem. Some problems originate at one place and spread to other sites rapidly like in case of viral diseases, to control such issues it is crucial to know the local epicenter.


Reasons why it is essential to solve the problem and what effects it can have on the person. Considering plastic waste in ocean example, one can interpret that sooner or later, marine life will suffocate due to the massive amount of plastic, which can affect the seafood supply to humans. It is a crucial source of food. So, this problem needs a remedy as soon as possible.

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