While conducting research, it is essential to choose an appropriate research design as per your research requirements. Besides this, it is also essential to meet ethical considerations depending on the research type.

Today, there is a growing concern about the research’s ethical considerations due to advancements in technology and research activities. The ethical and legal issues concerning research involving human participants have been debated for many years.

While planning your research, if you also successfully fulfil ethical considerations during and after the research, then you are more likely to protect yourself, your organisation and research participants, society, and places you visit during the research from any unintentional harm.

Firstly, you need to have a proper understanding of ethical considerations. Let’s discuss them

What are ethical considerations?

The word ethics refers to the moral principles that depict your behaviour and approach while conducting any activity. Similarly, ethical considerations are the moral principles you follow to protect the people and places associated with your research from causing any type of harm. These people and places could be

  • The research participants
  • Society
  • Organisation
  • Place
  • Political group

When interacting with companies or members of the general population, it is essential to uphold ethical behaviour. There is the possibility of diverse testing approaches and interactions during the research, such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, polls, and an analytical environment.

Although, as a researcher, you will never intend to harm anyone else, you still need to be careful that you are not unintentionally putting anyone or anything associated with the research at risk.

Let’s take a look at what types of harms can occur due to your research

Types of Harms that can Happen during the Research

  1. Physical harm

Your research should not harm someone physically.

If you are conducting research on the effects of diet on women. You will need to monitor the diet of your participants. It means you will be responsible for their overall health during the research. What if you ensured a healthy diet of participants and still had some health issues or side effects in response to the diet?

How can you prevent such issues?

You can avoid such issues by thoroughly investigating the participant’s health conditions. You should ensure that your participants are not patients of any diseases such as High or low blood pressure, diabetes and cardiological issue, etc. Also, you should find out whether any participant is allergic to some kind of food.

  1. Psychological harm

Your research should not hurt anyone’s emotions or feelings.

If you conduct research on growing porn addiction in people, you might need to use inappropriate images and videos that may embarrass and offend your research participants. Moreover, you may also need to face criticism from various commercial groups or any specific community even after your research.

  1. Financial Harm

Your research should not cause any financial harm to any person or organisation.

Imagine you are conducting research on the unethical behaviour of a company’s employees, and you interfere in the accounting department and found that some employees are involved in a scam. If you report to the management, it may result in the termination of that employee. What if you find that later your allegation was not true?  

In the above example, the type of approach described will not be appropriate. Moreover, you should also take care that the organisation should not face any financial loss due to your research.

You need to safeguard the premises, including people’s health and furniture of the company, institution, or any place you use in your research. 

  1. Social Harm

Your research should not cause any social harm as well.

If you conduct research on issues in people’s married lives, you may try to disclose everything about the couple that they want to keep confidential.
Other examples could be child abuse, domestic violence, or religious conflict. These kinds of topics are more likely to provoke negative thoughts than positive thoughts, even if your intentions are good. 

Types of Ethical Considerations in a Research

Many Universities and Organisations follow various kinds of ethical consideration guidelines. Following are the most common ethical considerations that every researcher should follow in all types of researches:

  1. Voluntary Participation

Your research participation should be voluntary, and everybody should be updated about the terms and conditions involved in the research. In general, you should not compel people to participate, but in certain cases, it may be possible.

You can request the participants to participate in your research, explaining the importance of research and its benefits. Similarly, you can’t warn participants by threatening them about the negative consequences if they don’t participate in your research.

  1. Informed Consent

Participants must be mindful that they are not obligated to participate, that doing so will not adversely affect them, and that there will be no negative consequences for them.

Participants should be aware that:

  • You have to take permission from the company or the organisation to investigate the stated activities before starting the research.
  • Research participation is voluntary, and there is no penalty for not participating.
  • Relevant study results will or will not be communicated to their management.

How to take a Participant’s consent?

  • You can prepare a consent form or letter including all the terms and conditions explaining the research procedure.
  • You need to make it specific to the participant about their role in the research, what information will be shared with them, and what information will be confidential.
  • After that, you can take the participants’ signatures to prove that they agree with the research’s terms and conditions.
  • You can also control what type of information should be disclosed to participants.

The consent letter for the management of an institution or a company will differ from the student’s and employees’ consent letter.

  • Remember, you need to be careful that you don’t share the same letter with each participant in your research.
  1. Anonymity and Confidentiality

You need to keep everyone’s responses confidential in the questionnaire. Although you already mention confidentiality in the consent letter, you need to further discuss these problems with the participants. You need to ensure them that their real identity will not be disclosed anywhere. You can also explain whether you will be aware of the participant’s involvement in the research.

If you are conducting a survey, you can distribute the questionnaire and inform the participants to fill it out and return it to you. In this way, you won’t be able to identify who participated and who did not participate. On the other hand, if you conduct an interview, you can inform the participants and take assurance from them about appearing for the interview’s time and place. In this way, you can identify who participated and how they responded to your interview questions. 

You can send managers of the place a copy of your consent paper. It is of significance when conducting an industry-based analysis, and the final report should be circulated to all members, including the participants.

  1. Protection from Harm

There are numerous harms that research participants may suffer, including physical harm, psychological harm, and humiliation.

These are all forms of social illness. In this sense, you must recognise any negative possibilities and overcome these possible problems.

Your study should mitigate any possible harm to occur. However, this is challenging, but you can still inform the participants about the possible risks and harms they may encounter during the research. It will keep them aware and alert about the risk and choose to participate or withdraw from the research.

  1. Communicating Findings

You need to resolve three main problems before completing the study report, writing your dissertation, and submitting it to your supervisor.

You should take care of the following


Plagiarism is a serious offence that is common in student work in which you must not present someone else’s work as your own.

You need to properly reference and credit the main resource and its author to avoid plagiarism. Academic dishonesty is an infringement of the student code of ethics, which may also lead to expulsion from the institution. Therefore, one must be responsible enough to present the original one instead of copying others without referencing.

Intellectual dishonesty

Universities tend to have different perceptions and interpretations of academic fraud; however, it is bad if not worse than plagiarism. Academic fraud is the misrepresentation of one’s accomplishments. This would include making up data and/or results from the data and/or purposefully putting forward conclusions that are not accurate. Students may cheat on tests for a variety of reasons. While conducting interviews, they may have difficulty reaching the correct people and will need to invent data. Other students may give inconclusive results after studying and may feel that they need to find something in order to get a good grade.

It includes:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Overlapping Publications
    Data Fabrication

Misrepresenting results

It also essential that you interpret the findings of your research accurately. Misrepresenting results may lead to many negative consequences on your research as well as the field of your research.

If you are a student, you will still be learning about your research subject and can’t blindly draw conclusions based on your findings and experience. On the other hand, if you are an expert academic researcher in a particular field, you still need to base your claims on accurate and strong evidence. In both cases, you need to interpret the data accurately without any error. 

If you are a student researcher, you can ensure it by taking the help of your instructor. If you are an academic researcher, you can cross the results and take your research team’s help in data interpretation.

  1. Taking Written Permission to Use the Premises 

You need to take written permission to use the organisation’s premises before conducting the research.

  1. Recording the responses of the Participants

You can use audio and video recording to avoid confusion in data interpretation. If your research includes observation of the participants, then using CCTV cameras will let you check how the participants behave and respond during the research.

Tips to prevent any harm during your research

Your research purpose is to promote learning through a deeper knowledge of research and its effects. However, you will also do your study on participants outside your University, such as ordinary customers, school instructors, and staff. These participants will be voluntary participants in your research. In order to avoid any criticism, harm, or negative consequence of research, you should follow these tips:

  • Choose the research topic and plan the research design thoroughly, assessing all the challenges you may face during the research
  • Figure out how you will deal with such situations and how you can stop such problems from arising.
  • Act in compliance with ethical values.
  • Consider how your thesis could adversely impact researchers.
  • Stop taking such positions in which someone could suggest unethical conduct, which may cause media backlash and/or result in a complaint against you.
  • Ensure that everyone throughout the research is safe
  • All participants have decided to participate at their own risk and complete knowledge of what is needed and about harmful effects from such involvement.
  • Also, people who do not want to engage in the study must be offered the same details regarding their participation choices.

Bottom Line:

If you plan your research activities appropriately, then you can conduct your research smoothly without any issue. Moreover, based on the primary data collection method, you may need to fulfil many ethical and legal considerations. Whereas if your research is based on a secondary data collection method, you may not need to meet many ethical considerations. This is because you need to access many places in the primary research and interact with many people from various fields. On the other hand, in secondary research, you only need to rely on secondary data from other existing studies.

English is not just a language but also a science that you need to understand for a reason and look into its basics. For the ultimate command over the language, you need to understand the common formations. Conventionally, we know English writing as a combination of words and sentences. It is rare to understand the complex and technical aspects of English writing that includes the loose sentence, complete sentence, and much more.  

Loose sentence is one of the integral components of English writing that helps you to explain a complicated situation with an easy expression. When you want to avoid complex sentences to explain tricky situations, loose sentences help you a lot. It is about giving an expression in the beginning and explaining it further.

Loose sentence definition

To understand what a loose sentence is you need to understand its basic definition in the first place. “The sentence contains a main clause at the beginning that is not giving you a complete meaning. It is followed by the other coordinated phrase that completes the meaning and supports the previous part of the sentence.”

The purpose of using the loose sentence in a piece of writing is to demonstrate alertness and spontaneity in it. The composition helps the reader to understand the expression coming from the sentence and grab the meaning out of it. Moreover, it can simplify the speech and let the reader have a better idea about the situation, incidents, and occurrences at the same time.

The use of loose sentences

It is not rare to find loose sentence examples in famous English writings. Even in common writing practice, many writers use these sentences to make their writings attractive, alert and different. It simply adds excitement to writing and grabs more attention from the readers.

Many writers appreciate the loose sentence literary definition but at the same time, they do not support the idea of using such sentences frequently. They believe it can make writing a little complicated and difficult for the reader to understand.

In fact, not every individual is able to understand broken information. If you give a piece of information at first and then it is linking, later on, the reader may get confused. In the modern writing pattern, unconventional writers prefer not to use loose sentences in their writings. It helps them to keep things clear, understandable, and easy for the reader and massive audience.

Periodic sentence vs loose sentence

In English writing when we talk about what is a loose sentence, then parallel we have to consider the opposites. There are always some opposites of the stuff we have been using. A periodic sentence is an opposite of to loose sentence that comes with the main clause that have reasoning in the beginning and action at the end. While writing the periodic sentence, the writer has to provide the reasons behind an action so the reader will have an introduction or idea about what is happening. Later, it ends the sentence with the final possible action that happened in the situation.

When it comes to having a review of periodic vs. loose sentences then we can have some of the obvious points in consideration.

Clarity of action

In English writing, it is important to give clarity to every sentence. If the writer is unable to provide clarity of ideas and events, it seems impossible to get the best out of overall writing. The loose sentences come with a difficulty in clarity of action. The broken sentences reveal the real action in a passive manner. The reader finds it hard sometimes to get the meaning of what is happening in the first place. Loose sentence structure is kind of difficult, unique, and different at the same time. Using multiple phrases explains a specific action or situation.

Moving towards the periodic sentence, the action is quite clear and supported by other phrases. Although the sentence is not complete in one part the other parts are there to support the evidence. It gives clarity of what is happening, the other parts of the sentence simplify the situation. It is more like an active voice that explains what is happening and gives supportive arguments with it. The reader finds these sentences quite easier to understand and clear to have the meaning about actions.

Use of ease

For English writers, they have so many options for writing about an event or incident. Explaining everything requires a specific mood and feel. It is not possible to place everything in the same pot and mix them together. Using the periodic sentences in writing is all based on the ease of use and the mood of writing. If the writer wants to keep the article simple and readable for everyone, the use of such sentences is helpful. It makes the complicated conditions quite fine and brings you the right results.

While the loose sentences have their own exception of usage. Most of the writers do not use this sentence because it is easy but they want to. It is all about their preference of giving an expression to a situation and making it a little twisted. Sometimes, to make a story or writing interesting, the writers have to put in some complicated and twisted sentences there. It normally helps the writers to stick to the readers and give them a notion of reading interesting and intellectual writing.

The book authors and novelists prefer to use loose sentences in their writings as it leads them to a better readership. They are able to impress the readers and give them a more relatable condition of understanding a situation. 

Impact on writing

Both kinds of sentences have their own impact on the overall writing. The writers have to understand the need for these sentences and then use them. Commonly, the periodic sentence has a soft impact on writing. On the scale of complexity, such sentences do not make the writing more complex.

Many of the writers use periodic sentences to make writing easy to read understandable at the same time. Lesser-complicated writings are more popular among people and help the readers to get the meaning out of it.

Comparatively, the loose sentence increases the complexity of a piece of writing. It requires a person to read the sentence multiple times to get the accurate meaning out of it.

Improving reading capability

It is easy to find loose sentence structure in most reading books. The readers used to have such books with loose sentences and complicated compositions. Sentences eventually help readers to understand and read the complicated scenarios. The kids who read complicated reading have more ability to understand language, twisted sentences, and connect the information in broken pieces. They are able to make things easier for their understanding.

Loose sentences and online content

We are moving forward towards a progressing world of the internet. Online it is important to provide reader-friendly content to users. Even the search engines do not support the complicated terms and content. Most online writers and readers prefer to composite simple sentences. They prefer to avoid the loose structure sentences that are complicated.

These sentences require more precision of understanding by the readers. Online, readers do not want to spend more time reading online but get quick information. So, the content creators online have to use simple and easy sentences. The reason has reduced the people’s interaction with loose sentences in general. They are unable to get clarity about these terms and deal with the information coming in such a structure as well.

Loose sentence example in literature

It is not impossible to find the loose sentence examples in literature. Back in time, the conventional writers used to have a loose sentence structure in their writing. The purpose of using such sentences is to make writing look impressive and intellectual. The structure has been part of conventional English writing by the native writers.

Gradually, we have moved towards advancements and right now the use of loose sentence structure is limited than ever. Commonly, the writers use such sentences to add variation to writings and make them a little more interesting. Moreover, it makes the writing exclusive for a specific audience so writers have to give a second thought using such structure.

As a loose sentence example, you can review a sentence, I ran a great mile, like a free man, running towards the light. The sentence mentions a person’s running toward the light as a free man but the broken pieces of the sentence make it a loose sentence. All the parts in combination give a clear meaning to the reader. You can find out a number of loose sentence examples in the literature and modern writings as well. It is all about using the sentences as per need.


It is a rare chance for you to understand the technicalities in English writing and grammar. By understanding the basics, a person is able to improve his or her reading, writing, and understanding skills as well. In our daily life, we are not intended to work on the basics but move towards the sense. If a sentence is making sense in reading, it seems fine for us. Sometimes, the sentence may not fall in the right category of grammar and you have to face issues in the end.

In spoken English, it is not necessary to think about the Cumulative sentence or periodic sentence as well. Until you are not working on the language mechanics or want to excel in the language as a professional. The literature scholars, teachers, and students have to go through the details that involve words, phrases, and sentences as well.

Understand the sentence structure and different types

Normally, we believe that a combination of multiple meaning words in a systematic manner form a sentence that delivers a meaning. The basic purpose of language is to communicate. We have to express our feelings, ideas, emotions, incidents, or stories with the help of words. The types of sentences that normally fall between cumulative sentences and periodic sentences are the way of expressing something. It is just like a difference between the narrations of every individual about the incident.

Some people like to express objective notions and others keep it subjective. We use to talk inactive voices or passive voices. The technicality is similar to the writing expression. Some of the writers like to break the news in the beginning, while others prefer to create suspense and then lead to the main thing. In such conditions, a cumulative sentence can help the people who want to create an impression in writing.

Cumulative sentence definition

A cumulative sentence is designed as a set of words having an independent clause or phrase at the beginning that is supported by other dependent clauses. The cumulative sentence literary definition explains it as a sentence that represents an incident in advance and then provides its supportive actions. As a cumulative sentence example, you can see the sentence, “We pray for the nation, everyone is in a critical state and it is a hard time.”

The sentence explains the matter of praying for the nation in advance. Later on, the other part of the sentence, provide reasoning why we need to pray for the nation. It is similar to the loose sentence structure that explains the completely even in the beginning and later builds a background to it. For the readers, it seems a little easier to understand the sentence and look into the matters clearly.

Subordinated Cumulative sentence

Many times people confuse the Cumulative Sentence structure with Subordinated Cumulative sentence. Both terms are the same and refer to Cumulative sentences in actually. We can divide a cumulative sentence into two parts, independent clause, and subordinate clause. When a person uses the main action in the first clause then there is a need for a subordinate clause to explain the first action.

For example, in a sentence if we mention, she is running, then we have to mention in the other part why she is running, from or to where she is running. Without the subordinate part, it is impossible to get a complete meaning of the sentence. To avoid confusion, we have to add, she is running towards the tower so she can catch phone signals. The subordinate clauses and part of the sentence make it complete and deliver a complete meaning to readers or listeners in actuality.

To practice loose cumulative sentences, it is necessary to understand that all of its parts are equally important to deliver meaning. You cannot miss out on any of these parts from the basic structure. Even the subordinate part of the sentence requires the same attention for effective communication.

How to create a Cumulative sentence

Creating a cumulative sentence is not a difficult thing at all. You just have to be precise with what you are explaining. The only thing you need to focus on is putting the independent action phrase at the beginning and the rest of the phrases at the end. It will help you to keep the situation explanatory and let the reader understand what you are explaining.

In the creation, you need to use active and clear words or phrases. There should not be confusing or distracting the reader at all. Using the simple words and direct action words in the independent clause will help you in clarity. It makes the use of supportive words and phrases with clarity and ease.

Periodic sentence vs. cumulative sentence 

The periodic sentence vs. cumulative sentence is an important term you need to understand when it comes to English literature. Most people get confused about the periodic and cumulative or loose sentences. The difference in both is quite clear, periodic sentences have the supportive phrases in the beginning and actual action in the end. It can be confusing and sometimes hard to read for the client in general when you are just making a scene before dropping the curtains. Sometimes it is good for imagination and sticking the reader of a specific niche to your wiring.

On the other hand, a cumulative sentence drops the curtain in the beginning by exposing the real action. Based on the nature of the sentence, things can be easier to understand or difficult to read as well. Sometimes the readability with cumulative sentences is not an issue. If you are not using too many difficult phrases and terms, things will be easier and smooth. Deciding which one is best among these two is not possible. It is all about your preference for using the sentence combination.

How to rewrite a cumulative sentence a periodic

Rewriting a Cumulative sentence as periodic is not an impossible task to do. English language always allows you to change over the sentence type according to your requirement. All you need is to understand the cumulative sentence rhetorical definition. Once you have an idea about its basics, you will be able to make a difference in the sentence structure accordingly.

Along with the definition, you need to understand the cumulative and periodic sentence structure. When you have an idea about how these sentences are structured, it will be easier to make changes appropriately. Let us talk about the parts of these sentences then two parts are common in these sentences:

  •         Independent clause
  •         Dependent clause

Independent clause refers to a phrase or part of the sentence that contains the main action of the sentence. In every sentence, we have to explain an action, a completion, fact, or happening. This part of the sentence does not require any other support to deliver its own meaning but to explain the whole event. Reading this clause will explain the action of the clause and that makes it independent.

The other dependent clause of the sentence that cannot deliver its meaning is independent but supports the independent clause to complete an action or its reasoning. It is mostly about the reasoning of action in a sentence that makes the whole scenario clear for the reader. Using just the clause in a sentence will not help at all but the writer needs to attach an independent clause before or after the clause.

To change the periodic or cumulative sentence into each other you need to go through cumulative sentence vs. periodic sentence. It helps you to understand at what point you need to change over the independent clause with the dependent one.

In case of changing over the cumulative and periodic sentence, you just need to shift the independent clause from the beginning to the end of a sentence. It is interesting to know that with just the placement difference of the clause from one place to another, you will be able to change the sentence. Sometimes, you may need to edit the structure or words a little bit more. It is because of the meaning and other grammatical requirements.

Bottom line

It is impossible to define which sentence structure is appropriate for writing. The cumulative and periodic sentences are original and have their own importance in English language. The only difference is their usage according to convenience. It is not possible to use these sentences in a row. When working on writing, you can use these sentences according to requirements. Sometimes we want to excite the reader so we put the independent phrase in the beginning. Sometimes to add more suspense to the story we add dependent clauses in the beginning.

All the sentence types and structures are a simple technique to make writing engaging. Sticking the reader with the writing is the goal and we can get it with the appropriate use of these sentences.


Periodic refers to the stages and intervals. The word itself contains several levels in it that release something on a final stage. There are many things we love to do systematically because reaching out to a conclusion is not possible without meeting these stages in the beginning. In the English language, certain things are periodical and require stages just like a Periodic sentence.

An interesting fact about the language is the system involved behind it. We cannot expect things to be linear and occur unconditionally. Everything we write, listen, speak and create using language does have a system at the back. The overall model of communication is periodical. At the beginning of every single story, there is an introduction and supportive mentions that help the reader or audience to perceive the whole story.

When we are taking help from language largely, we need to pay attention to the multiple writing patterns as well. The Periodic sentence is an important technique of writing sentences in the English language. Although it is all about using the sentences but explaining events in it with intervals. All you need is to learn more about such Periodic sentences and you will be able to use them. Here in this article, we will explore everything about these articles from the definition, to uses, construction, structure, and much more.

Periodic sentence definition

When you want to know that, what is a Periodic sentence then you need to start with its definition. Periodic means stages and a Periodic sentence comes with multiple phrases that support the main clause coming at the end. In the sentence, it is not possible to know the ultimate action until you are not at the end of the sentence. The writer uses several supportive arguments, reasoning, and builds up that support the ultimate action.

If we keep, the explanation short then the Periodic sentence structure prepares the reader for the ultimate action. It is not something that surprises but gradually reveals the truth or situation to the reader. In some of the writings, it is necessary to have a background of action so the readers will be able to absorb it. The Periodic sentence does the same thing in the English language. Many of the English literature writers from the past and present as well prefer to use sentence structure. It let them pass on the critical matters easily to the readers using sophisticated intervals. You can read more about the Periodic sentence examples and formation ahead.

Periodic sentence structure

To write the Periodic sentences you need to understand their structure first. All the other components such as verb, object, and subject, helping verb, prepositions, and others are the same in there. All you need is to put the explanatory factors in the beginning. If you are talking about some incident, then you need to give its reasoning in the beginning, and then you will move towards the exact results.

In the Periodic sentence structure, you need to put the independent clause at the end of the sentence and dependent clauses at the beginning. The structure of these sentences is simple, you just need to place the phrases explaining or justifying an action. With these phrases and initial clauses, the sentence is not complete until you put the actual action in the end. The sentence will not make sense grammatically as well.

To construct the Periodic sentence examples in literature, you need to place everything properly so it will end up at its best. For more help and guidance, you can even review the Periodic sentence example from the literature. In the previous literature, it is not difficult to find examples of perfectly structured Periodic sentences.

The use of periodic sentence

In the normal readings, a writer never mentions the sentence structure and type at all. The writer just uses the sentence according to need, writing style, and other important details. It is all about the outcomes that a writer wants to have formed the compensation of multiple techniques, and tools. The Periodic sentence literary devices are the biggest help for the writer when it comes to creating an exceptional piece of writing.

The use of such sentences makes writing look better, effective, and impressive at the same time. It is not necessary that a writer will use only Periodic sentences but can add them occasionally. Using such sentences helps writers to explain a situation better with clarity and add more emotion to writing. Here are some benefits and benefits a writer can have with the use of these sentences.

Creating background

The ultimate use of Periodic sentence structure is to create a background of what is happening. Sometimes, the writer wants to excite the reader about what is coming. It is impressive to build up a story or scene with the help of words. The reader will be able to imagine what is going to happen and what the ambiance of a situation is. This background doubles up the impact of actual action and makes things more realistic for the readers as a whole. It is one of the skills that writers need to have and make it even better for them at times.


The next important use of these sentences is persuasion. Every writer wants to keep the reader hooked with the story. When a person is eager to read more and more content, only he or she will invest time and money into it. The series writers commonly use their trick to persuade the readers for their further editions. With the help of suspense created by the use of these sentences, readers want to read more of the same content. Periodic is not just a sentence but also a writing style sometimes that a writer will use in his writing. The style eventually makes things better and wins for the writers out there.


Another important use of these sentences the emphasis. Highlighting the importance, need, and justification of an act is necessary sometimes. The writers can use these sentences in the literature to make their acts, events, and explanation more authentic for the readers. It not only satisfies the audience but also will help writers to deliver a specific message to the audience under a specific condition. It overall helps to make things easy to digest, understand and accept sometimes.

What you should not do with Periodic sentence literary devices

When writing the Example of a periodic sentence or the sentences you need to avoid a few things. Following the periodic sentence structure definition, you need to understand it comes with some restrictions. There is no doubt that sentences give you the liberty of using them freely. However, at the same time, you need to know if excess or misuse of anything can put you in trouble. Let us find out some of the importing don’ts you need to know:

Using too much of Periodic sentences

In one piece of writing, you cannot use only the periodic sentences. In one sequence, using just these sentences will kill your writing and the reader will lose interest. Eventually, it will make the writing difficult to understand and you may not pass the editorial board as well. Just make sure to use these sentences where needed in a specific combination to other sentences. It will balance your writing and lets you avoid any budget with your writings.   

Keeping a linear format

Going linear with the things and not making them twisted or interesting is a bad idea. Your ultimate purpose of using variant sentence structures is to keep the reading interesting. By following on liner pattern you will not be able to do it. In this regard, you can look into the other options around. By checking out some of the periodic sentence examples in literature, you will get an idea about their perfect use.

No using the right word

By going through the Periodic sentence examples, you can have the idea that independent phrases, it is necessary to use right or relevant words. You should use words that are giving a clear meaning and relevance to the showdown as well. If the words are not supporting your ultimate phrase, it will be a mess and confusing at the same time. Our major goal is to keep things simple, interactive, and easy to understand with an interesting touch.

Bottom line

It is not hard to understand the Periodic sentence structure definition and use the sentence in your writing with perfection. All you need is to practice a little with your writing skills. It may be difficult in the beginning, but later you will be able to get a grip on everything. It will be more fun writing with the help of periodic sentences. You can give a more engaging and worthy piece of writing to your readers in the future.


Stories and fiction are part of human civilization. From history, we learn that our ancestors have been into storytelling. No matter if it was the real-time stories, historical incidents, or the fictions, these have been a great deal to human life. People use to deliver messages, ideals, feelings, thoughts, and messages using these stories. Even at present, Speculative fiction and many other kinds of stories have the same purpose. These are an ever-growing trend coming up with a motive to entertain, inform and educate people.

People generally do not take fiction as seriously as they consider real-time stories. It is a myth or believes that fictions have no message, reality, or solid ground. It is necessary to understand the definition of fiction and Speculative fiction definition as well to learn the concept. When it comes to fictitious stories, the writers always have an inspiration, idea, and incident or life experience behind it. There are certain incidents or happenings in the life o a writer that triggers him or her to write a specific piece of writing. Moving forward, we have to explore more kinds of fiction coming forward for us to enjoy more.

What is speculative fiction?

The word driving from speculation that refers to theory or guesswork. It is not factual or has solid grounds but a fusion of ideas and imagination. Coming together with a speculative fiction definition explains such fictions as a total work of imagination and non-realism. It includes the sub-genre of fantasy and science fiction. Commonly the writers do not take the subjects that are workable in reality but fiction.

Experiencing a person with the power to run faster than light, but in fiction stories or series, it is possible. Due to Speculative fiction, we can observe and think about such characters that are coming up with their exceptions. Although these are far from reality, people like to hear, read or see them. It is all about a human’s curiosity to expect or imagine the impossible or unreal. There are no boundaries for our brain to think or process information. We can imagine things that are boundless and go beyond limits. However, these are not practical, so we consider them as fictions. When the fiction is at its best and going beyond then we term it as Speculative fiction.

Black speculative fiction

When observing Speculative fiction in translation and knowing more of its types we can have a better idea about black speculative fiction. A vast category of speculative fiction books covers the dimensions of science fiction, horror fiction, Politics, history, and much more. Sometimes it may not cover all the sub-genre of fiction, but most of the time it has a huge umbrella and makes everything fall in it. You can find out the best speculative fiction collection if you like black speculative fiction. There are numerous books, movies, stories, short stories, novels, and platforms that are tagged under this genre. It is not different from speculative fiction but has a simplification or emphasis. By adding world black to it, the literature makes it a bit more dark, shady, different, and interesting for the readers. It shows that fiction is giving a little more subtle presentation of ideas and creativity.

How to read free speculative fiction online

To read speculative fiction it is not necessary to spend some bucks. There is free speculative fiction available online that you can access and read easily. The Internet has made things easier for us. Whatever we like to read is available with a few clicks. All you need is to find out the best platform for reading the fiction.

  • Out of numerous platforms online, there are a few of them that offer you the real material. To read free speculative fiction online you need to follow some guidelines:
  • Identify the platform – the very first thing you need to do is to identify a reliable reading platform. There you will be able to access multiple fictions of a defined genre. It will help you to enjoy the maximum stories and readings according to your preference.
  • Select the genre – the second step is selecting the genre. The platform should provide you with multiple options so you will be able to pick up a genre of your choice. It should be according to your desire or requirements for sure.
  • Subscribe free mostly – if you are interested in reading more of the fiction by speculative fiction authors then you should subscribe to the platform. The free platforms offer you free subscriptions and newsletters. With the help of these newsletters, you will be able to get frequent content updates in your email or notification bar.
  • Bookmark your reading – it is not possible to complete one fiction at a time until these are short stories. Even if you have completed it and want to read it again, then bookmark your reading. It will save your time for the future, and you can access the reading from the bookmark section.
  • Leave a review – after reading the fiction, it is generous to leave a review for the speculative fiction authors or publishers. Your review appreciates the writers and platform at the same time it lets other readers take help. By reading your review or comment, another person will either read the fiction or leave it. So, choose your word wisely for a good reason.

Learn to write speculative fiction short stories

Writing the Speculative fiction tropes is not a difficult task at all. You just need to get a little sense of speculative fiction authors. Creating fiction is a tricky job; it is not something that comes naturally to you. For a writer, it is easier to explain or narrate the incidents from history or recent events. However, creating something fictitious and making it believable is a faculty job. A writer needs to understand and develop several things from the scratch and then move towards perfection.

Start with short stories

If you are willing to be one of the best speculative fiction authors, then you need to start writing speculative fiction short stories at first. With the help of these short stories, you will be able to get the grip on your writing skills. By satisfying the audience with small plots, you will be able to reach out the ultimate accomplishment of the novels and stories as well.

Take help from reality

Reality is a clue to fiction and helps speculative fiction authors to create something exceptional. You need to know that every incident, in reality, can lead your imagination to another level. By taking one plot from a real incident, you can modify it and then add new things to it that are not commonly known.

Read more about it

Before you start writing about something, it is better to read about it. In your fiction, if you are going to work on scientific rules, horror, animals, human behavior, relationship, or others, you need to learn about them. A good writer is a good reader as well. The more you will be able to absorb knowledge, the better you will write it on paper. With a lesser knowledge or information about things, you will only create some illogical pieces of writing.

Keep things relevant

Although you are working on fiction, you need to make it logical at the same time. The reader or viewers needs to believe what you are telling them. It can be difficult, but not impossible at all. You have to keep things relevant. Make sure these are reliable, and the reader will understand there is a truth behind everything. It will help you to make the reader fall for your creation in the first place for sure.

Do not lose the string

Every story no matter fiction or reality revolves around a string. A string can be a character, purpose, cause, thing, emotion or location. Even in speculative fiction writing, you need to remain focused on the string. Never lose your string or shift the focus to multiple subjects in the story after an interval. It will confuse the reader and make your fiction look more fiction and a work of immature. You should stick with the strong and central character of the story to make it impressive and successful.

Bottom line

There is no doubt that man loves to read about ideas and fiction. Speculative fiction is helping us to improve our imagination and have a different kind of entertainment. From science fiction to horror and romanticism, there are always new dimensions of everything. Claiming, speculative fiction tropes as original fiction are not fair. There is a little touch of reality or realism behind the best speculative fiction novel, book, film, or story. It is all about chasing something new and getting better with the horizons of entertainment. The speculative fiction authors believe in creating a difference with their stories and bringing change in people’s lives. Sometimes, reality takes a cover in fiction to be acceptable.

English literature has so many variations in it that never lets readers or writers face disappointment. The writers who are unable to write long stories, novels or books have the liberty to work on short stories. The short stories let them get started with writing, polish their skills, and move forward with the progress at the same time. Similar is the case with readers. When they do not find it easy to read novels, they can access short stories with some quick stories and endings.

There are people in between who want to have a short story but with a little more detail or length. Here comes the Novella in the story. The piece of writing falls within a short story or novel. Combining two forms it is providing opportunities to explore something new for both readers and writers in the English literature.

What is a novella?

Have you ever wondered about something shorter than a novel but longer than a short story? Many of us think there is no such writing in the literature. However, it is interesting to know that such things exist. Some stories are not short enough to wrap soon nor long enough to cover a novel. Therefore, the writers put them in the novella. A combination of novel and short stories that keep readers engaged for quite a good time and covering the stories of interest.

The novella is an Italian word that means new. The Novella length is quite shorter than a complete novel, but it is a well-structured piece of writing with a realistic tone. Commonly the stories in Novella are based on one-time incidents, limited characters, and at once place. These are not with many of the characters, situations, conditions, incidents, and happenings. Usually, the writer has to cover one subject point in the writing that turns out effective and impressive at the same time.

Novel vs. novella

If you wonder what anovella vs. a novel is, then you need to review their basic definitions. According to the literature definition, the novel is a work of fiction that upholds longer stories, multiple characters, incidents, and situations. The major identification of a novel is its length. The word limit of a novel is always more than 40,000.

On the other hand, novella seems to be a smarter version of a novel. It is not as long as a novel but a little lengthy in comparison to a short story. Against novel, it does not have multiple characters but a limited number of components that combine and make one final piece of writing. Both of these are a piece of writing and have a history in literature. Their impact and target readership is quite different. People have options to choose between them. 

How to write a novella               

Writing a novella is a little bit tricky at times. It requires a writer to create a plot carefully considering the word limit and type of writing. Although the window of creativity is still open, the writer can choose any theme. However, mapping the characters and handling them requires a little effort and perfection. For a conventional or beginner writer, it can be difficult to write a novella with perfection.

By keeping the characters limited and situation controlled, it is possible to write an effective novella. It does not require a writer to use more words and put in the efforts beyond. The best way to manage the writing is to draft it earlier and then fill up the links. A quick draft helps to review everything nicely and avoid any loop in there.

Interesting questions about Novella 

Many people confuse Novella with the novel. Some people think of it as a modified version of a novel that is true as well. With a lesser word, limited characters, and some refined incidents novella is a smarter version of the novel. To clarify the myths and confusion, it is necessary to answer some of the common questions. A person exploring English literature will want to find out more about Novella. These questions are not strange but informative and help the readers and aspiring writers to understand the term efficiently and work on it accordingly.

How long is a novella in words?

The normal Novella word count is in between 17,000 to 40,000 words that construct a story and its links. For a writer, creating a beautiful story in this word frame is not a difficult task at all. It is just about managing the characters, situations, and other things in the right place. Sometimes the word limit can exceed from the maximum numbers but if it’s more than 5000 words then writing can turn into a novel instead of a novella.

What is a novella in literature?

In English literature, Novella has its history and recognition. The writing was first introduced in 13000 and firmly established in the late 18th and early 19th century. Sometimes it was termed as a short story or novelette but eventually recognized as Novella. The literary departments had discussions over the category of such writings that were not a complete novel nor a short story so they found an idle way for them.

In the literature, we can find several acclaimed writers with their novella collection. In the past, it was awkward to write such length stories and get them published. The acceptability was rare and the publishers were not very comfortable with the overall idea.  Gradually they understood the importance of such writings and made their way to publish such writings for the writers.

What is the future of novella books?

Thankfully, due to technology and several publishing opportunities, we have no restrictions when it comes to publishing novella books or novella in single. Previously the technology was limited and publishing cost too much. The publishers had to pick up the specific writings that should get them more profit and sales. Right now, things are more digital, and the readers are gone digital.

A writer can publish his or her novella writing easily online. It does not cost much but will get them, easy readers. Making a novella available free can benefit the writer to engage with the readers. It can be the beginning of a new career and starting up with potential readership online. Many of the publishers prefer to shift the online readership to their printed readership using such online bloggers and writers. For the potential writers, it can be a kick-start to make their writings available online and then grow as a conventional writer.

What is a novella book?

Many times the publishers do not want to publish a single novella but a novella book. It is a collection of different novella stories by same or different writers together. Books are a treat for readers who want to have a different kind of book with them. It let them finish multiple stories in the same book. Publishers have to take care of the genre of all stories. They cannot put the random stories in a novella book. The selection of all stories is critical and careful. After going through all stories publishers decide to pick some specific for one book. Most of the time, these books are quite successful and popular among readers.

Sometimes the writers themselves prefer to write the novella book. They combine all of their stories in one book to treat their readers. It is more or less like a collection of short stories together in one edition for the readers.

What is a novella series?

Novella series is a series of novella editions on a similar topic but different situations, characters, and settings. The writer prefers to keep the main theme of the series similar such as social issues, psychological, horror, fantasy, science fiction, comedy, or many others. All the parts of the series will fall in the same genre category but, in every single edition, there will be a different story, comprising different settings. It gives a writer to write on a similar theme with different perspectives. Moreover, the reader who loves one genre will have multiple readings of the same kind.

Bottom line

Writing Novella can be good for you at the beginning of your writer’s career. Right after getting comfortable with the short stories, you can shift to writing Novella instead of novels. It will give you a good margin to interact with the audience and have more followers. There is a possibility to create a series that contains a sequence of multiple related stories.

Many of the Novella writers have created their landmark series of multiple Novellas that describe their genre and speciality. People like to read the short and impressive plots about the situations, characters, and ideas. It is an important part of literature and helps a writer a lot to create his or her library. Even for the readers, it seems a nice opportunity to read a lot within a specific time limit and enhance their knowledge or literary collection.

Albert Einstein once said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about a solution.” Humankind has grown in the face of challenges from the earliest days of civilization to the modern days of success, and the trend will continue in the future as well. The magnitude of problems kept increasing, and so did the grit of those who were up to the challenge. When faced with the shortage of water, humanity created dams to light the darkness of night man invented electric bulbs. When troubled with the disease, humans invented remedies so and so forth. All these discoveries and inventions were possible due to the curious spark in the consciousness of homo sapiens. Humans created a statement of the problem then worked out its solution.

The statement of the problem is a succinct descript of the matter or subject that needs resolution. It can be a single sentence or two describe the nature of the problem. An approach of 5 W’s to describe the issue is an essential tool for effective results. That is Who, What, Where, When, and Why. These parameters can be exceedingly helpful in getting information related to the problem.


Understanding who is most affected is one key to unravel the mysteries of the problem. For Instance, several pertaining issues affect different parts of the ecology. One such example can be the issue of plastic waste being dumped into the ocean. This problem severely affects the marine ecosystem.


What are the causes, extent, and impacts of the problem? What will happen if the problem is ignored? What will be the result in case of delay or ignorance of the problem?

The nature of the problem needs a description. The question mentioned above needs answering, and the situation requires an in-depth analysis of what is happening and what can happen.


Time of when the problem happened and approximately when it needed to be fixed. The timeline of the issue holds vital importance. Some issues need resolution at once, and some problems can be delayed. For Instance, you cannot drive your car with a flat tire, it can seriously damage the other parts of your vehicle, and you will need to replace it at once. However, you can delay the periodic cleaning of your car.


Location of the occurrence. The area where the problem occurred and understanding the demographic should be included in the statement of the problem. Some problems originate at one place and spread to other sites rapidly like in case of viral diseases, to control such issues it is crucial to know the local epicenter.


Reasons why it is essential to solve the problem and what effects it can have on the person. Considering plastic waste in ocean example, one can interpret that sooner or later, marine life will suffocate due to the massive amount of plastic, which can affect the seafood supply to humans. It is a crucial source of food. So, this problem needs a remedy as soon as possible.